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The Association of "Certified Public Accountants (Int), founded in 1979 was incorporated in London in 1984 and is a leading international accountancy body. Prior to the incorporation of the Association no professional accountancy body existed for the specific purpose of providing an international organisation for accountants

  Recognition in the United Kingdom
A member of the Association of Certified Public Accountants can engage in public practice in the United Kingdom and provide services similar to those provided by members of the six chartered bodies including that of auditor to a private concern, a partnership or a company registered under the Business Trade Names Act.


International Recognition
The qualification is internationally fully recognised for the position of financier or accountant and is highly respected.Recognition in the audit proffession is dependent upon the local legislation in each country.

Members of the Association are fully recognised by mutual recognition with the Society CPA Accountants, with the state of Montana in USA.
They may become members of the AICPA if the succeed in certain exam papers such as taxation and legislation

  Designatory Letters
Members use the designation "Certified Public Accountants" and the designatory letters ACPAI if Associates and FCPAI if Fellows. Associates advance to Fellowship when they have been members of the Association for at least five years.



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