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    This is the main qualification of the Association and is available to thos praciticing in accounting or auditing. They are authorised to report onthe financial statements of businesses registered under the "Trade Names" Act   ACPAI  
    This is available to those engaged in internal auditing. Does not refer to internal audit managerial position. It provides prerequisite knowledge in internal audit techniques, methodology, approach, generic internal audit. The title is "Diploma in Internal Auditing".    DIA  
    The highest title for internal auditors in practice. It comes after the DIA qualification. It includes subjects like internal audit system evaluation, and ability to decide on the extend and depth of tests to perform, Manage the Internal Audit department and issue reports to the Audit committee. Prepare annual audit plans and report on the effectivelness of the planned autit work. The title stands for "Associate Certified Practicing Intrnal Auditor".   ACPIA  
    Refers to professionals engaeged in the audit of Information Technology systems. It does not refer to the installation of an IT system but provides the essential requirement to provide assistance. Is mainly concerned with the maintenance and improvement throug audit findings.   CITA  
    The qualification of "Certified Management Accounts" refers to those engaged in high level financial management. Duties may cover reporting on financial analysis and performance as well as proposals for improvement of indices, ratios, return (ROI) and what measures should be taken to this direction.    ACMA  
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