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 Detailed Syllabus

The Association though having an international concept, nontheless sees itserl subject to national requirement in that while offering throughout the world a uniform examination of the highest standard, it does become necessary to ensure that the examinations and studenship requirements are such as to support the development of the accountancy profession and the national accountancy body in the country in which it examines; thus providing the indigenous accountant with both a national and an international accountancy qualification.

The Association is therefore not in competition with national accountcy bodies but compementary thereto and seeks their closest co-operation and understanding.

The exams

The exams of the Association are held twice a year; usually in June or July depending upon the climatic conditions of the country and in the 1st week of December each year

Eligibility to sit for exams is limited only to registered students

Students should complete each level before sitting for the next one.

Studying for the exams of consecutive levels is not controlled by the Association.

The passing rate of each paper is 50% of its total marikg and does not depend on the average of all candidates

A marginal failure in one subject can be reattempted within 3 years before the whole level is completely droped.

Changes in international standards (accounting; audinting) or local legislation/rules are examinale 6 months afther their effective date.

Examination papers

The Association examinations comprise, fifteen papers each of three and a half hours duration. The combined examinations cover a total of forty six examination hours - the most extended examination period for any professional accountancy body established in the United Kingdom and, as far as ascertained, overseas.
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