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The TEI of Western Makedonia, organised an open day for its collaboration with the Association of Certified Public Accountants.

The event was introduced by the Director of the Master’s Program in Accounting and Audit and Master’s in Accounting and Finance, Prof. Sarianidis Nikolaos.

Dr Marios Menexiadis, Joint Council Member of the Association, provided details about the Association, the professional qualifications and the benefits to its members. He also explained the importance of the accreditation granted to the Masters Programs of the Academic Institution, along with the relevant exemptions from the Association’s side.

The event ended with participants sharing their thoughts.

TEI of Western Makedonia and ACPAI like to express their gratitude to those present at the event.





4 May 2017


The Association is pleased to announce of the

Forthcoming major  UAE- Auditor  Forum  to be held

in London under the Auspices of;

Baroness Cox, of Queensbury,  Patron, (House of Lords)

H.E.Sulaiman H. Almazroui,  UAE Ambassador, (London)

The Forum Organisers,  CPA  International

The Association in UAE/London received large numbers of emails and communication from Members in UAE, Audit Firms and Accountants requesting to organize an official UAE Auditor Forum of the highest standards to express thanks and appreciation to UAE Government regarding the federal decree No. 12  - 2014 for Regulating and Control of the Auditing profession in the United Arab Emirates.

H.H. Sheikh  Khalifa  Bin Zayed  Al  Nahyan  President of the United Arab Emirates personally  signed and  issued Federal  decree No 12 of 2014  to  regulate  and  control the  Auditing  Profession  in  the Emirates.

The decree directs the  Ministry of  Economy amongst other things to establish all  necessary Registers to enlist those engaged in the Auditing Profession, those engaged outside the Auditing Profession and those who are engaged in the training of Auditors.

The Ministry of Economy will control and regulate the profession in accordance with the requirements of the new decree as appropriate.

We at CPA International attach great value and importance to the constructive approach by H.H. Sheikh Khalifa in issuing this most important decree.

His Highness’s care and attention to this legislation is apparent of his desire and eagerness to raise inter-alia:,




incorporating The Auditor’s role in the Accountability and Ethics for the daily work practice.

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The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FEBA) of Sofia University, organised an open day for its collaboration with the Association of Certified Public Accountants.

The event was introduced by the Minister of Finance of Bulgaria, Prof. Dr Sedlarski T., the FEBA member, professor Dr Stancheva E., his excelency the Ambassador of Cyprus in Bulgaria Mr Avgoustidis Stavros and the honorary representative of the Association, in Bulgaria, and mbassador of Bulgaria in Greece,  Mr Stoyanov S.

Mr Georgiou A., Council Member of the Association and Chairman of the Ecucational Committee, provided details about the Association and the benefits to its members. Explained also the meaning and importance of the Accreditation granted to the Masters Program of FEBA in "Accounting & Audit".

The event ended with catering kindly offered by the FEBA of the University where participants had the opportunity to exchange their thoughts.

FEBA and ACPAI like to express their gratitude to those present at the event.

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The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), Economic Department Master Program “Management of Economic Entities & Organisations” (DDOMO) has organized on the 22 January 2016 an open day relating to its collaboration with the Assocociation of Certified Public Accountants (ACPAI).

The whole event, held at the premises of NKUA, was successful by the attendance of many undergraduates who showed a real interest in the qualification of ACPAI. The attendants were welcome by Dr Menexiadis Marios ACPAI, who analysed the status, scope and concept of ACPAI as well as the requirements in obtaining the ACPAI qualification and the benefits accruing out of it.

The Professor in charge of the DDOMO, Iriotis N., was present at the event and welcomed attendents in his introductory speach.

DDOMO and ACPAI, like to express their gratitude to those who expressed their interest and were present at the event.


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