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 Courses are available through "courses.thecpaint.com"
CPA Int compress   
  The Professional Qulification of accountant-auditor  


Holders of the qualification are recognised in the private sector in all countries. Recognition in the profession depends upon country level rules and regulations.

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  Diploma in Internal Audit


The "Certified Practicing Internal Auditor" Diploma is recognised in the private sector worldwide. Recognition by the public sectore depends upon rules and regulations at a country level. The duration of the course is one year and includes a lot of workshops in priactice style.

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  Diploma in Accounting and Managment

(Certified Management Accountants)


The Diploma in Management Accounting aims to provide full accounting, cost accounting and basic tax (local level) knowledge, as well as a strong background in Internaltional Financial Reporting Standars. MIS will be the additional feature ot the Diploma. Holders of the Diploma will be able to stand as a chief accountant or assistnt to Financial Manager or CFO depending on the size of the firm.

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  Certification In IAS/IFRS  

The certification is available to those egaged in accounting or finance. Its duration is usually 70 hours plus 3.5 hours for exams. Covers the basic provisions and all requirements of most IAS/IFRS. It provides a strong background on the concept and "reasonong behind it" for undestanding the implementation of each IFRS.

Candidates succesfull in the exams are furnished with the related certificate.

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  Information System Audit (IT Audit)


  The certification is available to those egaged in the development and audit of information systems. The duration of the course is approximately 80 hours plus 3 hours for exams.

 Courses are available through "courses.thecpaint.com"