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 International Recognition  
The qualification is fully recognised by mutual recognition with the CPA, state of Monana in USA.
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  a. THE REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA granted full recognition to the Association through ministerial decree signed by the Minister of Economy and Finance dated 1994.

b. UNITED ARAB EMIRATES full Auditor status recognition was granted under Ministerial Rule No. 56 in 2002 by the Minister of Economy and Commerce - U.A.E.

c. With CPA MONTANA USA we have special arrangements for our members to join Montana CPA as Associate Members. FCPA members wishing to do so must secure application forms from the Registrar of this Association in England and must comply with the rules and regulations enforced by the Montana Society of CPAs.

d. The Association's examinations structure has partly been formulated by agreement with the exam syllabus of the Institute of CPAs in Ireland 1997-2001.

e. The Association also enjoys recognition from a number of officially recognised universities in the UK and internationally. Our members receive maximum exemption from these universities at MBA postgraduate level.

f. The Association is currently negotiating to seek reciprocal recognition from a number of professional accountancy bodies worldwide.







Recognition in the United Kingdom 

A member of the Association of Certified Public Accountants International can engage in public practice in the United Kingdom and provide services similar to those provided by members of the six chartered bodies including that of auditor to a private concern, a parrtnership or a company registered under the Business Trade Names Act.

(viz. page 4 qualification for appointment as auditor in the Members' Handbook)


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