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The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), Economic Department Master Program “Management of Economic Entities & Organisations” (DDOMO) has organized on the 22 January 2016 an open day relating to its collaboration with the Assocociation of Certified Public Accountants (ACPAI).

The whole event, held at the premises of NKUA, was successful by the attendance of many undergraduates who showed a real interest in the qualification of ACPAI. The attendants were welcome by Dr Menexiadis Marios ACPAI, who analysed the status, scope and concept of ACPAI as well as the requirements in obtaining the ACPAI qualification and the benefits accruing out of it.

The Professor in charge of the DDOMO, Iriotis N., was present at the event and welcomed attendents in his introductory speach.

DDOMO and ACPAI, like to express their gratitude to those who expressed their interest and were present at the event.



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 Publication of Articles - CPE

It has been decided to publish articles related to the qualifiction, market conditions, worldwide news and analysis of markets or of any other nature for the general interest.

Such articles can be from any professional or member of the Association. Member of the Association will get credit in their CPE obligations of 3 hours per page