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July 2015

1. Journal

The Association will restart the issue of the journal "Today Accounting". Its issue was postponed for several years when was issued in a had copy. Now the new "Today Accounting" will take an electronic format through the site of the Association. 

All available old issues were brought back to the menu selection "Journal", where all fresh issues will be included too. Many thanks to the Chairman of the Association, Dr Edward, for reactivating this journal issue for the members of the Association.

2. Site
Changes to the site will be effected until the end of July and probably certain modules my not be operative. 

3. Tests through internet
The Association will adopt exams in certain subjects electronically through internet. The targeted date was July 2015 but due to changes within the site provider will cause a delay for a few months. These exams refer to auditing for the exams for the qualification and to the exams for the diploma in Internal Auditing.

 4. Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics of the Association is published for the first time with the present site. Members are urged to get a copy. This is available through "Members' Practice".

 5. New Collaboration
The Association of Certified Public Accountants International (ACPAI) and the National and Kapodistrin University of Athens, the Faculty of Economics, the Master Degree Program "Master in Business & Public Organisations Administration", in the development of courses leading to the professional qualification of the Association of Certified Public Accountants International; ACPAI.

                                                                                                                                          July 27, 2015